AI for advanced manufacturing

The future of Advanced Manufacturing is the utilisation of AI systems to deliver agility, efficiency, and resilience.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are making transformational changes across diverse sectors. Material design and advanced manufacturing are not immune to these changes. As the sector gets increasingly more complex, competition to stay profitable intensifies, customer needs change more rapidly, and product and process complexity increases the need for targeted AI and ML platforms becomes increasingly apparent.

We envision that the future of Advanced Manufacturing will utilise foundational AI systems to:

  • Provide resilience in product design, production, and distribution.
  • Minimise waste and increase the uptake of recycled raw products through compositional flexibility.
  • Enable rapid product design to meet changing specifications due to market and supply chains.
  • Permit personalised product design in conjunction with human experts.
  • Optimise manufacturing processes.

With our partners, we have employed machine learning and artificial intelligence in the design of:

  1. Novel nano-fibres, see our publication here
  2. Novel wet spun silk fibres, see our publication here
  3. New high entropy alloys, see our publications here and here
  4. New aluminium alloys from recycled stock, see our publications here and here
  5. New industrial processes used in practice, see our publication here
  6. Novel biomaterials, see our publication here