Results for: Tu Nguyen Dinh

Bayesian Multi-Hyperplane Machine for Pattern Recognition

K. Nguyen, T. Le, T. Dinh, D. Phung

2018 / pp. 609 - 614 / 2018 24th International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR)

Animal Recognition and Identification with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Automated Wildlife Monitoring

H. Nguyen, S. J. Maclagan, T. Dinh, T. Nguyen, P. Flemons, K. Andrews, E. G. Ritchie, D. Phung

2017 / Proceedings of the International Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics (DSAA)

Structured representation learning from complex data

T. Dinh

2015 / Doctor of Philosophy (Information Technology), School of Information Technology