Results for: Thomas P. Quinn

DeepTRIAGE: Interpretable and Individualised Biomarker Scores Using Attention Mechanism for the Classification of Breast Cancer Sub-Types

A. Beykikhoshk, T. P. Quinn, S. C. Lee, T. Tran, S. Venkatesh

2020 / Vol. 13, pp. 1 - 10 / BMC medical genomics

Learning distance-dependent motif interactions: an interpretable CNN model of genomic events

T. P. Quinn, D. Nguyen, P. Nguyen, S. Gupta, S. Venkatesh

2020 / bioRxiv

A Cross-Cancer Metastasis Signature in the microRNA-mRNA Axis of Paired Tissue Samples

S. C. Lee, A. Quinn, T. Nguyen, S. Venkatesh, T. P. Quinn

2019 / Vol. 46, pp. 5919 - 5930 / Molecular Biology Reports