Trauma Reception and Resuscitation System (TR&R)

Providing life saving decision support to hospital trauma teams.

Stabilising a patient within a trauma bay places immense pressure on trauma bay staff.

Each year, more than 1,100 major trauma patients – those patients with injuries that can cause death or disability – present to the Alfred Trauma Service. For each patient, any mistake by trauma bay staff could mean death, and in the first 30 minutes of arriving at the Trauma Centre every moment counts. Staff are highly trained and experienced to deal with situations like this, following procedures and process. Even so, with multiple staff, highly stressful environments and the pressure to stabilise patients, sometimes errors do occur. These are errors of omission – where a step or process is left out.

“The TR&R has entrenched The Alfred Hospital’s goal of error-free resuscitation in the treatment and management of trauma patients. We have observed a 21% reduction in errors of omission, 30% reduction in blood transfusions, and significant reductions in the time spent in ICU.” Professor Mark Fitzgerald, Director of Trauma Services – The Alfred Hospital


The Trauma Reception and Resuscitation System (TR&R) is designed to aid and support highly trained staff to stabilise and treat major trauma patients within the first 30 minutes of arrival at the Trauma Centre.The TR&R system monitors patient data, such as vital signs and diagnosis information, and provides advice and treatment options based on hospital procedures and guidelines created in the accompanying Medical Algorithm Builder. These recommendations are displayed on a large screen visible to all staff, and act as a decision support system to reduce errors of omission.

A two-year independent study following the deployment of the TR&R system found the system contributed to a 21 per cent reduction in errors by omission, a 30 per cent reduction in blood transfusions and reduced the time required for treatment in the Intensive Care Unit by 26 hours.

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