Keeping patients on track to recovery.


Support and monitor continued treatment plans for patients in remote communities after they have been discharged from hospital.


Mobile technology that delivers rehabilitation prescription for trauma patients with lower limb fractures.

Research Partners

  • National Trauma Research Institute
  • The Alfred
  • ThoughtGreen


Home treatment plans can be complicated and difficult to remember.

A patient’s treatment rarely concludes when they’re discharged from hospital. Upon leaving they may be prescribed a continuing treatment plan that can be followed at home. Traditionally, these plans are documented on pieces of paper that can easily become lost and forgotten, resulting in a slower and potentially incomplete recovery that may result in other complications.

“The RePAIR platform provides engaging treatment plans with easy to follow animated instructions, that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.” Professor Kon Mouzakis  – Co-Director A²I²


We developed an online platform that allows doctors and physiotherapists to send a digital treatment plan straight to the patient’s mobile phone. Patients receive reminder notifications to keep them on track, and an achievement system is used to keep the patient engaged. The mobile application also provides 3D animated instructional guides that demonstrate how to correctly perform the prescribed exercises.

Healthcare providers have access to a web application that allows them to see a patient’s progress and achievements. Treatment plans can be updated via the web application, allowing the treatment plan to be customised to address the needs of the individual on the road to recovery. The RePAIR Platform is part of ongoing collaborative research studies by the National Trauma Research Institute, and the All India Institute of Medical Sciences.

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