Defence Experiential CoLab

Improving Defence AI readiness for safeguarding Australia


AI has the potential to significantly transform and disrupt all aspects of Defence in the near-term. However, the rapidly changing landscape of AI is difficult for Defence to navigate, particularly given skill shortages.


Grow advanced AI skills and experience across Defence to support national security, ethical application of AI, Defence healthcare and human resource management, and more.

Research Partners

  • Defence Artificial Intelligence Centre

The Defence Applied AI Experiential CoLab is a new collaboration between A2I2 and the Defence Artificial Intelligence Centre (DAIC) that aims to solve complex and challenging problems and grow advanced AI skills and experience across Defence.


The CoLab helps identify and accelerate the application of AI solutions for Defence problems in a high-tempo, agile, collaborative project environment. In addition to technology acceleration, the CoLab delivers educational seminars on fundamental AI technologies for Defence and runs hands-on coding workshops to improve AI literacy across Defence.

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