High Achievers’ Internship program at A2I2

? We can’t wait to welcome our new interns for 2024!

Thank you to everyone who applied for our latest round of internships at A2I2. The standard of applications was exceptional for this round.

Keep an eye out here and on our social pages for more internship opportunities later in the year.

About the Institute

The Applied AI Institute (A2I2) at Deakin University offers world-class expertise in sample-efficient AI and a scaled-up software engineering team with a track record of solving industrial challenges no one else can.

Across two beautiful campuses in Waurn Ponds (Geelong) and Burwood (Melbourne), A2I2 combines fundamental, translational and applied research in Bayesian Optimization, Reinforcement Learning, Deep Learning, NLP, domain generalization, human machine teaming, abstraction & representation, decision making using offline data.

This is not your standard research institution.

How the organization impacts and benefits the community

Led by Deakin Distinguished Professor Svetha Venkatesh, and Deakin Distinguished Professor Kon Mouzakis, our projects target complex challenges in real-world applications as diverse as new-generation materials discovery, health, ageing, education, advanced manufacturing, government systems, space, and defence.

Put simply, we use sample-efficient AI and machine learning to deliver real-world solutions to some really big human problems.

A2I2 internship stories

Students from our internship program have gone onto make higher impact through pursuing further study with the Institute. Read their stories below:

Call for Internships

If you like to solve challenging problems in software engineering and/ or artificial intelligence and are interested in advancing your technical and professional skills which would be valued and recognized by employers, then this is the right opportunity for you.

Eligibility criteria

The student:

  1. Must be enrolled in one of the universities in Australia at undergraduate or postgraduate level.
  2. Must be enrolled in the second or third year of their undergraduate degree/ second year of a postgraduate degree in one of the following disciplines:
  • Software Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Cyber Security
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Data Science
  • Robotics/ Mechatronics
  • Statistics
  • Mathematics
  1. Must have a GPA of at least 4.0/ 5.0 and above (or an average of 80% and above) in their undergraduate and/ or postgraduate degree.
  2. Must have Internship as a subject in the coursework.
  3. Can be an Australian citizen/ permanent resident/ international student and must be on-shore during the application and internship period.
  4. Must have a sound fundamental knowledge of the scientific and engineering principles underlying technology.
  5. Must have the necessary mathematical, analytical, and computational skills for solving theoretical and practical problems.
  6. Must possess excellent verbal and written communication skills in order to make meaningful contributions.

Please note that meeting the above criteria does not guarantee selection in the program.


The duration of the internship is 10 weeks.

Internship type

The internships are unpaid and will be undertaken as part-time (2 days per week) as part of the coursework during the semester. Graduates may also apply for an internship for work or professional experience.

Mode of internship

The internship must be undertaken on campus, located in Burwood (Melbourne), Victoria.

Duties and responsibilities of an intern

The interns will be expected to work on a project, with the help of their mentors and provide:

  1. A brief presentation (10 minutes) on the work in week 5 of the internship. It will be internal and will be presented to the mentors and other interns.
  2. A detailed slideshow presentation (15 minutes) on the work in week 10 of the internship. It will be external and will be presented to the staff and students at A2I2.
  3. A final report will be submitted by the interns at the end of the internship detailing the work carried out for 10 weeks.

How is the internship beneficial?

The completion of the internship will:

  1. Allow integration of theoretical knowledge with practical learning.
  2. Provide the ability to synthesize professional and research literature.
  3. Provide advanced understanding and working skills in the application of software and computer systems.
  4. Provide experience to articulate your knowledge and work in oral and written presentations.
  5. Provide relevant professional experience (professional ethics and responsibility) and prepare you for future challenges.
  6. Provide the ability to think clearly and work independently and along with a team.
  7. Enhance your verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills to contribute efficiently in a professional environment and in the community.

Successful projects

Upon completion, all project works will be open source and available on GitHub (if applicable) and the final presentation will be uploaded on YouTube.

Special arrangements

Please note: For students with disabilities, it is the University’s policy to take necessary steps to minimize the impact of disability during the internship period and reasonable adjustments will be made to enhance the student’s learning experience and participation.

Project Descriptions

  • Distributed Batch Interference Platform *Filled
  • Hybrid Activation Networks (HAN): Optimising Neural Architectures through Activation Diversity*Filled
  • Phase-Wise Expert Selection (PWES) in MARL_ Addressing the Multi-agent Credit Assignment with a Dynamic MoE Approach *Filled



Applications for our current projects have closed. We will advertise our next round of internship projects later in the year. Stay connected with us on LinkedIn to hear about these and all the other cool stuff happening here at A2I2. Or fill in the Apply Now form above to express your interest in an A2I2 Internship.

If you have any questions, please contact a2i2-internships@deakin.edu.au.

We value diversity and aim to build an inclusive environment that champions, embraces, and respects differences. We support and encourage applications from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and people of all abilities, cultures, sexual orientation, and genders.