A generic framework for verifying machine learning algorithms

Prof Svetha Venkatesh, A/Prof Sunil Gupta, A/Prof Santu Rana, A/Prof Truyen Tran

ARC Discovery Projects

PRECIS: PRecision Evidence for Childhood obesity prevention InterventionS

Dr Melanie Nichols, A/Prof Kathryn Backholer, Prof Boyd Swinburn, Dr Victoria Brown, Dr Thin Nguyen, Prof Christina Economos

2020 NHMCR Ideas Grants


Optimising treatments in mental health using AI

Prof Helen Christensen, Prof Svetha Venkatesh, Prof Kon Mouzakis, Prof Rajesh Vasa, A/Prof Sunil Gupta, A/Prof Santu Rana, A/Prof Truyen Tran, Dr Thomas Quinn, Prof Henry Cutler, A/Prof Liz Schroeder, Dr Megan Gu, Ms Ros Knight, Dr Martin Laverty

MRFF Applied Artificial Intelligence Research in Health

Developing a Comprehensive Care Pathway For those at Risk of Suicide But Not in Care: The Under the Radar Project

Prof Helen Christensen, A/Prof Samuel Harvey, Prof Gregory Carter, Prof Svetha Venkatesh, Prof Katherine Boydell, Dr Henry Cutler, Prof Ian Kneebone, A/Prof Toby Newton-John, Dr Jin Han, Dr Kit Huckvale

MRFF Million Minds Mission – Suicide Prevention

Defence Applied Al Experiential CoLab

Prof Svetha Venkatesh, A/Prof Sunil Gupta, A/Prof Truyen Tran, A/Prof Santu Rana

Defence Science Partnerships (DSP) program, Defence Artificial Intelligence Centre

Early Moves:A prospective cohort study to identify an early biomarker for cognitive impairment

Prof Catherine Elliott, A/Prof Jane Valentine, Prof Alicia Spittle, Prof Roslyn Boyd, Prof Nadia Badawi, Dr Catherine Morgan, Prof Desiree Silva, Prof Elizabeth Geelhoed, Prof Robert Ware, Prof Svetha Venkatesh

NHMRC Clinical Trials and Cohort Studies


Develop 3D printing, bioprinting and AI medical applications between India-Australia

A/Prof Payal Mukherjee, Prof Gordon Wallace, Prof Svetha Venkatesh

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade – 2019 Australia-India Council Grant Round

A world-class machine learning facility for Australia

Prof Anton van den Hengel, Prof Svetha Venkatesh, Prof Ian Reid, A/Prof Stephen Gould, Prof Chunhua Shen, A/Prof Simon Lucey, A/Prof Hongdong Li, A/Prof Anthony Dick, Prof Massimo Piccardi, A/Prof Gustavo Carneiro.

ARC Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities

Identification of Blood RNA Biomarkers To Measure Disease Progression in Parkinson’s Patients (led by A/Prof Antony Cooper)

Antony Cooper, Svetha Venkatesh, Sunil Gupta, Boris Guennewig

Parkinson’s NSW Research Grant


A RCT of depression prevention in adolescents: the Future Proofing trial (led by Professor Helen Christensen)

CIA - Professor Helen Christensen (Black Dog Institute) CIB - Professor Svetha Venkatesh (Deakin University) CIC - Doctor Aliza WernerSeidler (University of New South Wales) CID - Doctor Alison Calear (Australian National University) CIE - Professor Andrew Mackinnon (Black Dog Institute) CIF - Professor Jennifer Hudson (Macquarie University) CIG - Professor Ju Lee Oei (Royal Hospital for Women) CIH - Doctor Mark Larsen (University of New South Wales) CII - Associate Professor Philip Batterham (Australian National University).

NHMRC Project Grant – APP1138405

Suicide Prevention: CRESP II

CIA - Professor Helen Christensen, CIB - Professor Svetha Venkatesh, CIC - Professor Katherine Boydell, CID - Doctor Fiona Shand, CIE - Associate Professor Samuel Harvey, CIF - Associate Professor Philip Batterham, CIG - Associate Professor Alison Calear, CIH - Professor Gregory Carter, CII - Doctor Mark Larsen, CIJ - Doctor Jo Robinson.

NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence


Studying and developing advanced machine learning based models for extracting chemical/drug-disease relations from biomedical literature

Dr Thanh-Hai Dang, Dr Cao Cuong-Dang, A/Prof Xuan-Hieu Phan, A/Prof Truyen Tran, Dr Mai-Vu Tran

National Foundation for Science and Technology Development (NAFOSTED), Vietnam Government

Pattern Analysis for Accelerating Scientific Innovation

Prof Svetha Venkatesh

ARC Australian Laureate Fellowship Grant

Digital Enhanced Living

Prof Kon Mouzakis, Prof Svetha Venkatesh, Prof Anthony Maeder, Prof Alison Hutchinson, Prof Michael Berk, Prof Ralph Maddison, Prof Abbas Kouzani, Prof Rajesh Vasa, Prof Rafael Calvo, Prof Helen Christensen, Prof Patricia Williams, Prof John Yearwood, Prof Susan Gordon, Prof David Powers, Prof Nilmini Wickramasinghe, A/Prof Niranjan Bidargaddi, A/Prof Santu Rana, A/Prof Truyen Tran, A/Prof Sunil Gupta, Dr Wei Luo, A/Prof Mohamed Abdelrazek, Dr Felix Tan, Prof Henning Langberg, A/Prof Lars Kayser, Prof Finn Kensing, Prof Freimut Bodendorf, Prof James Warren, Dr Roopak Sinha, Prof A Smeaton, Mr Fonda Voukelatos, Mr Jeffrey Fiebig, Mr John Fouyaxis, Prof John Grundy, Mr Kevin Hoon, Dr Kit Huckvale, Dr Leonard Hoon, David Varley, Nicole Cockayne, Dr Tanya Petrovich, Mr Voytek Szapirko, Dr Hermant Ghayvat, Dr Maheswaree Kissoon (Anju) Curumsing, Matthew Macfarlane, Dr Scott Barnett, Prof Deborah Parker, Dr Tom McClean.

ARC Industrial Transformation Research Hubs

Advanced manufacturing of new high entropy alloys, AISRF Grant

Prof Matthew Barnett, Prof Peter Hodgson, A/Prof Daniel Fabijanic, Prof Svetha Venkatesh, Prof Xinhua Wu, RMIT Ma Qian, Prof B Murty, A/Prof G.D. Janaki Ram, Prof Satyam Suwas, Dr Anand Krishnamurthy

AISRF/India-Australian Strategic Research Fund

Translating Deakin’s Patient Management Success at Alfred Health

Prof Svetha Venkatesh, Dr Wei Luo

Alfred Health project

iCetana - Phase 1 Examine and compare state-of-art methods in background/foreground separation

Prof Svetha Venkatesh, A/Prof Santu Rana, A/Prof Sunil Gupta, Dr Budhaditya Saha

iCetana Collaboration Project

Unlocking factors for successful job placement through machine learning

Prof Svetha Venkatesh, Dr Wei Luo

Wise Employment Research Project


Predicting hazardous software components using deep learning

A/Prof Hoa Khanh Dam, Prof Aditya Ghose, A/Prof Truyen Tran, Prof John Grundy

Samsung Global Research Outreach, Japan

COE in Big Data and Machine Learning

Prof Svetha Venkatesh

Telstra Corporation Grant

Accuracy of Machine Scoring of Fidgety Movements from High Risk Infant Populations- Cerebral Palsy Alliance

Prof Svetha Venkatesh

The Research Foundation, Cerebral Palsy Alliance

Improving mental health through social media

Dr Thin Nguyen, Prof Dinh Phung, Prof Svetha Venkatesh, Dr Bridianne O'Dea, Dr Mark Larsen, Prof Helen Christensen

Black Dog Fellowship Grant, Black Dog Institute

Computational infrastructure for developing deep machine learning models

Prof Ian Reid, Prof Svetha Venkatesh, Prof Peter Corke, Prof Dr Mohammed Bennamoun, A/Prof Stephen Gould, Prof Anton van den Hengel, Prof Chunhua Shen, A/Prof Anthony Dick, Prof Gustavo Carneiro, Prof Dinh Phung, Dr Niko Suenderhauf, Prof Ajmal Mian

ARC Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities for Funding Commencing in 2016

Non-parametric machine learning for modern data analytics

Prof Dinh Phung, Prof Svetha Venkatesh

ARC Discovery Projects


Stay Well: Analysing lifestyle data from smart monitoring devices, ARC Discovery Project

Prof Dinh Phung, Prof Svetha Venkatesh

ARC Discovery Projects

Leveraging Social Media for Improving Mental Health

Prof Svetha Venkatesh, Prof Dinh Phung

Black Dog Institute


Assistive technologies for Autism support

Prof Svetha Venkatesh, Prof Dinh Phung. Partner organisation: Autism West Support Incorporated

ARC Linkage Projects

Towards a real time data sharing to support patient-centred care, quality health delivery, improvement programmes, performance management and research

Prof Jonathan Morris, Prof Svetha Venkatesh

NSW Health, Bioinformatics Collaborative Grants Program


Computational infrastructure for machine learning in computer vision

Prof Anton van den Hengel, Prof Ian Reid, Prof Svetha Venkatesh, Prof Ba-Ngu Vo, Prof David Suter, Dr Stephen Gould, Dr Simon Lucey, Dr Anthony Dick, Dr Chunhua Shen, Prof Dinh Phung.

ARC Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities for Funding


Robust and scalable change detection in geo-spatial data: ARC Linkage Partners : Nearmap Pty Ltd; Western Australia Police; City of Armadale

Prof Svetha Venkatesh, Dr Dinh Phung, Dr Duc-Son Pham

ARC Linkage Projects


Assistive technologies for autism support harnessing social media, ARC Linkage Linkage Partner: Autism West

Prof Svetha Venkatesh, Dr Dinh Phung, Dr Brett Adams, Dr Aneesh Krishna. Partner organisation: Autism West Support Incorporated

ARC Linkage Projects

Computational tools to analyse and exploit the social media revolution, ARC Discovery

Prof Svetha Venkatesh, Dr Brett Adams

ARC Discovery Projects


Surviving the data Deluge: Scalable feature extraction, discrimination and analysis for computer vision tasks using compressed sensed data: ARC Discovery

Prof Svetha Venkatesh, Prof Anil Jain

ARC Discovery Projects