Results for: Seminars

Bayesian Optimization Reading Group – Adaptive and Safe BO in High Dimensions via One Dimensional Subspaces

Dr Hung Tran The

AI Reading Group – Learning to explore

Dr Phuoc Nguyen

AI Reading Group – Models for human behaviours in video 2

Romero Morais (HDR Student)

AI Reading Group – Memory models for reasoning in video

Tin Pham (HDR Student)

AI Reading Group – Latest advances in Neural Turing Machines

Hung Le (HDR Student)

AI Reading Group – AAAI’20 works

Group discussion

AI Reading Group – Conversational AI 2

Dr Khanh Tran

AI Reading Group – Deep Reinforcement Learning and Quantum Technology

Dr Vu Nguyen

Dr Vu Nguyen is a Postdoctoral Research Associate in Machine Learning at University of Oxford. Before that, he was an Associate Research Fellow at A2I2, Deakin University. Dr Vu Nguyen obtained his PhD at Deakin University in 2015.

AI Reading Group – Spatio-temporal generative models

Xuan-Duc Nguyen (HDR student)

AI Reading Group – Disentanglement for video 2

Kien Do (HDR Student)

AI Reading Group – Disentanglement 3

Kien Do (HDR Student)

AI Reading Group – CVPR’19 notes

Dr Vuong Le