Results for: Seminars

Bayesian Optimization Reading Group – Introduction to Philosophy

Manisha Senadeera (Research Assistant)

AI Reading Group – Neural-symbolic approach to QA 1

Tin Pham (HDR Student)

AI Reading Group – Dialog systems

Dr Khanh Tran

Bayesian Optimization Reading Group – Machine Theory of Mind

Machine Theory of Mind

AI Reading Group – Disentanglement 2

Kien Do (HDR Student)

Bayesian Optimization Reading Group – Constrained Processes Reading: Integrating Prior Knowledge into Deep Learning

Dr Cat Le

AI Reading Group – ODE (Ordinary Differential Equations) Neural Nets 2

Hoang Thanh-Tung (HDR Student)

AI Reading Group – Neuron, RNN (Recurrent Neural Networks) & Memory

Hung Le (HDR Student)

Bayesian Optimization – A Flexible Framework for Multi-Objective Bayesian Optimization using Random Scalarizations

Majid Abdolshah (HDR Student)

AI Reading Group – Learning to reason 1

Learning to reason 1 A/Prof. Truyen Tran

AI Reading Group – ICCV’s work: Video QA; Deep learning in smart-homes

Thao Le-Minh (HDR Student); Xuan-Duc Nguyen (HDR Student)

Bayesian Optimisation Reading Group – Explaining black-box machine learning models using interpretable surrogates

Deepthi Kuttichira (HDR student)