Results for: Seminars

AI Reading Group – Generalization in learning to reason

Long Dang (HDR Student)

AI Reading Group – Conversational AI

Dr Khanh Tran

AI Reading Group – Updates on RL, e.g. world models

Dr Thommen George

AI Reading Group – AI for drug design

A/Prof. Truyen Tran

AI Reading Group – Anomaly detection & AAMS work

Xuan-Duc Nguyen & Dung Nguyen (HDR students)

AI Reading Group – Disentanglement & CVPR works

Kien Do, Thao Le-Minh & Romero Morais (HDR Students)

AI Reading Group – Inverse RL in vision

Dr Vuong Le

Bayesian Optimization Reading Group – Line BO

Dr Alistair Shilton

AI Reading Group – Moral AI 1

Dung Nguyen (HDR Student)

Bayesian Optimization Reading Group – Detection of Compromised Models Using Bayesian Optimization

Deepthi Kuttichira (HDR student)

AI Reading Group – Visual Reasoning

Thao Le - Minh (HDR student)

Bayesian Optimization Reading Group – Drones, cute spherical robots and machine learning

Leon Yang (HDR Student)