Deakin’s A2I2 Co-Director named in Top 100 Australian Scientists

News / Davina Montgomery / February 5, 2024

You’ve probably heard of the Hottest 100 and now Robyn Williams from The Science Show on ABC Radio has created a ‘Hottest 100’ list of Australian Scientists.

See the full list here

There was quite a bit of excitement here at Deakin University’s Applied AI Institute (A2I2) when we saw our extraordinary Co-Director, Alfred Deakin Professor Svetha Venkatesh, named in the Top 100 Australian Scientists (ever!).

How cool that her son, Professor Akshay Venkatesh, winner of the Fields Medal, is also on the list.

Congratulations to Deakin’s Professor of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Euan Ritchie, whose work was also recognised. How they managed to narrow the list to just 100, we do not know.

It may not be official or definitive, but the list sends out one clear message: know your Australian scientists!