Ask Annie app modules for download as a gift to support the aged care sector

News / A2I2 Media / April 7, 2022


Ask Annie Photoshoot at Deakin University. From left to right: Prof Rajesh Vasa, Dr Tanya Petrovich, Dementia Australia CEO Maree McCabe AM, A2I2 Co-Director Prof Kon Mouzakis, Andrew Vouliotis and Dr Jessica Rivera Villicana


This media release was originally provided by Dementia Australia

With the support of Gandel Foundation, Ask Annie, a Dementia Australia mobile app, is now available for individual download with three introductory modules gifted to support the aged care sector. 

Ask Annie was developed by Dementia Australia with Deakin University’s Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute (A2I2) through the ARC Research Hub for Digital Enhanced Living, thanks to the generous support of Gandel Foundation.

The app offers short, self-paced learning modules to help care workers refresh their skills and learn tips and tools to provide better care to people living with dementia.

Professor Rajesh Vasa, Head of Translational Research at A2I2 and a Chief Investigator at the Hub, commented on the motivations behind the app’s development.

Ask Annie prioritises learner motivation and engagement over content. This is achieved by leveraging ideas from Australian educational philosophies, in particular, constructive alignment theory.”

Gandel Foundation CEO Vedran Drakulic OAM said Ask Annie showcases how technology can be applied to improve dementia education and aged care in Australia. 

Ask Annie provides workers in the aged care industry with the opportunity to receive dementia-specific training that is practical, accessible and flexible enough to fit into their demanding days,” Mr Drakulic said. 

“The vision for Ask Annie was to create a unique and immersive learning experience that directly leads to learning outcomes that can be translated into everyday practice. 

Blue Cross has purchased Ask Annie for around 150 staff members. 

Blue Cross Nursing Services and Workforce Manager Jacqui Simao said, “We provide ongoing training for our workforce, but something like Ask Annie is available 24/7 so you can refer to the app to get the tips that you need, right there in the moment, on your device. 

“The Ask Annie app is very relevant to the particular care we’re delivering here in Australia.” 

Dementia Australia CEO Maree McCabe AM said Ask Annie was designed in collaboration with care workers and improves quality of care for people living with dementia by improving the skills of care workers. 

“In support of the aged care sector, we are gifting the first three introductory modules, including 22 lessons, in appreciation for everything they have done for our most vulnerable Australians including managing workforce issues during an incredibly challenging time” Ms McCabe said. 

“With almost half a million Australians living with dementia – which is projected to increase to 1.1 million people by 2058 – our community needs a greater focus on quality dementia care continued training and support for the Aged Care workforce.” 

Ask Annie can be downloaded individually via the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to access the first three modules. 

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