Staying open through COVID: A2I2 develops technology to help businesses reopen

News / A2I2 Media / September 14, 2021

SaniteX Global has partnered with Deakin University’s Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute (A2I2) to create, an innovative web-based platform that hosts a suite of apps to help businesses reopen and remain open.  

The COVID-19 pandemic has required businesses to prioritise the health and safety of employees in physical workspaces. Initially, this involves procurement and provisioning of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), a task that is the forte of hospitals – not general businesses.  

In particular, there is a need to procure PPE that complies with quality and government regulations, which are subject to change, as we all rapidly learn how to adapt. 

In close collaboration with SaniteX Global, A2I2 has developed innovative products for The first is the Smart Analytical Model (SAM), designed to solve growing problems in procuring quality PPE.

SAM is a predictive procurement solution that utilises building and people-specific data to provide tailored product recommendations in under 30 seconds. The tool maps thousands of pages of regulations to the optimal type and quantity of health and safety products and accessories that an organisation needs to safely reopen and stay open. 

“This groundbreaking approach is applicable for any regulated procurement process,” said Professor Rajesh Vasa, Head of Translational Research at A2I2.

“Currently, human-intensive work is required for business procurement. We are applying AI techniques to help automate entire supply chains; this can be applied across multiple domains to ensure organisations comply with health and safety regulations.”

CEO and founder of, David Collard, highlighted the issues that businesses have encountered thus far when procuring PPE. 

“So far, purchasing decisions regarding protection against the virus have been made on suboptimal data – essentially a trial-and-error approach.” 

“ is committed to helping industries reopen their physical workplaces with exactly what is needed in the right quantity and at the right price.” 

Dr Scott Barnett, Senior Research Fellow at A2I2 and project lead, expressed his enthusiasm in the project and its potential to span into other domains. 

 “I’m excited to see how this technology can be applied to other domains to reduce the human effort in creating systems that conform to regulations.”  

 The collaboration between SaniteX Global and A2I2 delivers a regulation-driven tool that streamlines how businesses can obtain quality health and safety products and equipment. It forms part of a broader vision to deliver tailored automation to people around the world. 

Please see our video below and visit to find out more about the web-based apps developed by A2I2