Media Release: icetana deployed at Ivanhoe Grammar School

News / Simon Parker / September 17, 2020

Perth-based video analytics company icetana Limited (ASX:ICE) has been successfully deployed in the main campus of early learning to Year 12 Melbourne school, Ivanhoe Grammar School.  icetana’s technology was originally co-invented by Alfred Deakin Professor Svetha Venkatesh, Co-Director of the Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute (A2I2).

Home to over 2,000 enrolled students, Ivanhoe Grammar School is leading the way in school safety and security with hundreds of active cameras installed across 3 campuses.

The rollout of icetana has enabled Ivanhoe Grammar School to take a preventive and real-time approach to safeguarding students and staff as well as the campus grounds from potential vandalism and unauthorised access.

“icetana has picked up a lot of things the school wanted to see and has provided us with more awareness around contractors and where people are”, said Winston Mattson, Director of Systems and Infrastructure at Ivanhoe Grammar School. “icetana provides us with security by awareness. We are considering installing icetana in additional areas of the campus, to provide parents with increased comfort that we have security covered.”

 In conjunction with the deployment of icetana, Axis Communications provides the campus with comprehensive coverage with its solution integrated with Milestone’s XProtect video management software. Both Axis Communications and Milestone Systems utilise Ivanhoe Grammar as a key reference site.

“With the deployment of icetana at Ivanhoe Grammar School, we continue to demonstrate our expertise in assisting educational institutions achieve their duty of care obligations and help them provide a safe place to study and work”, said Matt Macfarlane, CEO of icetana. “In addition, icetana is excited to be delivering a solution that will enable Ivanhoe Grammar School to drive value from their video surveillance installation and ensure that campus security can quickly address early indicators of potential vandalism, theft or other risks in real-time”.

About icetana

icetana Limited (ASX: ICE) is a global software company providing video analytics solutions designed to automatically identify anomalous actions in real-time for large scale surveillance networks. The software integrates with customers existing video management systems and IP cameras.

Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques, the icetana solution learns and filters out routine motion, showing only anomalous or unusual behaviour allowing operators to focus on events that matter and respond in real-time to both precursor activities and incidents.

icetana has a broad range of use cases across a growing number of industry verticals. It has been implemented at over 35 sites on 4 continents, helping clients harness the rich data streams from their existing security networks and turning that data into improved situational awareness and deeper operational insights.

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