Results for: 2002

A Generalised Cost-Aware Caching Scheme for Caching Continuous Media Objects in Best-Effort Network Environments

W. Lau, M. Kumar, S. Venkatesh

2002 / pp. 12 - 23 / 4th International Workshop on Distributed Computing, Mobile and Wireless Computing

An Application of Machine Learning Techniques for the Classification of Glaucomatous Progression

M. Lazarescu, A. Turpin, S. Venkatesh

2002 / pp. 243 - 251 / Joint IAPR International Workshop on Structural, Syntactic, and Statistical Pattern Recognition

On the automatic indexing of cricket using camera motion parameters

M. Lazarescu, S. Venkatesh, G. West

2002 / Vol. 1, pp. 809 - 812 / IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo

A New Vector Quantization Approach via Self-Organizing Map

L. Xu, W. Liu, S. Venkatesh

2002 / pp. 147 - 154 / Third International Conference on Neural Networks and Applications